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Philosophy For All

The New Gnosis

Heidegger's Mystical Gnosis

All That Is
Is that not the Greatest
Mystery of All,
For All?

The two ways to Philosophise:
Fearfully or Fearlessly.
Facing or Fleeing the

Fact of things BEING.

The Great Wonder.
That things are.
At all.
Not What, How or
‘Why’ they are.
THAT they are.
That they ARE.

That things,

THAT things are

Has no ‘Why’
For an answer.
Those who ask ‘Why’
Do not know that

Their very question
Is a fear of the THAT.

The Great Fear.
The thought of nothing
Being at all.
It takes Fearlessness
To confront the Great Fear,
To face the Great Question.
To wonder…to just
Consider the possibility
Of things NOT Being.
Only such fearlessness
Can open us to the
Great Wonder…
That All That Is,

We cannot BE the beings that we are, unless
We recognise the true ground of our Being.
That ground does not lie in What, Who or How we are.
It lies in THAT we are - in BEING as such.

Our Being can have no ultimate ground in
Any thing or any being that ever was or is,
For any such thing or being is grounded in
We cannot BE the beings that we are, unless
We recognise that BEING  is our ground, and
That BEING, as simple BEINGNESS
Has NO Ground, no Why.

The truth of our being is that
BEING alone is our ground, and that
That ground is in turn a Groundless Ground,
A Ground with no Ground
In any being that ever Was or Is.

Only through Gnosis,
Only through Knowing
The TRUTH of our Being
Can we truly BE the beings we are.
The truth that BEING is a Groundless Ground
That it is therefore an Abyss.
That it has its only Ground in
The Abyss of NON-Being.

Only they who can bear
The Truth of  BEING
Can truly BE the beings.
For it is the Truth of BEING
That bears forth all beings.
And lets them BE.

The Meaning of BEING is to BE.
BEING, we can feel the Truth of BEING
Shining forth through every single being.
Filling us with the Meaning of ITS Being;
The shimmering, quivering radiance of its own
Unique way of BE-ING,
Of standing out and EX-isting,
Of being borne forth and of 
Bearing itself forth as a being.

Beings – not owning but Enowned by BEING.
GNOSIS - not knowing but Enknown by its Mystery.
By the One that is No One.

How then can we comprehend this One that is No-One,
That withdraws from our every attempt to grasp it as
Some One, as any being or ‘god’ that WAS, IS or 
Might BE?

How can we comprehend this One
That is not One among Many,
This One that has no Other, for
All That Is IS its Other, just as IT is its Mother? 

How can we comprehend the sheer Otherness of this ‘God’? 
“The totally other over against gods who have been, especially over 
against the Christian God.” A ‘God’ whose very withdrawal from 
presence AS a being, Is the condition for the presencing of ALL 
beings – their BEING.

Only as that ‘God’ who, in withdrawing from  presence, withdraws
 INTO presence as All That Is, All Who ARE.

Only as that ‘God’ who, in withdrawing from presence, First 
MAKES ROOM for beings to BE,  first clears a  Primordial ‘space’ 
of BEING in which they can BE.

Only as “The Open”; that primordial “Clearing” in which  All 
beings first come to presence and come to BE, and in which they 
can shine forth and ring out as what and who They ARE.

Only as the “The Unground”; that bottomless “Abyss”
Into which the very BEING of beings withdraws.

Only as that ‘God’, which in making Room for beings to be,
Not only withdraws from BEING, but draws us with it,
Draws us deep down into the dark womb of all beings:
That Womb which IS only because ‘to be’ means ‘to dwell’.
To be ever borne and sent forth from it,
Whilst never ceasing to abide within it.

That Womb which first makes Room, clearing and holding open 
The primordial space for beings to BE; that womb also receives
ME, as it receives YOU, receiving All That Is into the All-
Encompassing  Space of its Embrace. 

 “A space is something that has been made room for, something that 
is cleared and free, namely within a boundary…A boundary is not 
that at which something stops, but as the Greeks recognised, the 
boundary is that from which something begins its presencing … 
Space is in essence that which lets into its bounds. 

The One that is No One is what most fully takes us into itself and 
Into our own source as Beings;  letting us into its infinite bounds.
It is what both receives and draws us OUT into the vast, quivering 
Expanse of The Open, and at the same time draws us deep down 
INTO that which first holds it open; taking us back to our true 
Home - that Great Mystery in which we Dwell,
And through Dwelling, ARE. 

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The New Gnosis